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OK, so you know you need technology help. How do you get that ESP set up? What is an ESP?

How do you SEO (search engine optimize) your blog posts? How do you choose & set up which social media accounts to use?

Let’s work this stuff out together. I can help you along on your business technology journey, so you can go from overwhelmed to overjoyed.

Not only does Tia know the territory of optimizing websites and social media, she has incredible ability to map it out for those who don’t.

Jennifer Allen

author of Bone Knowing

Website Design

You really need a website. And you’ve been thinking about building it yourself.

But then you realize you need to learn HOW to build a website, if that is the way you want to go. And then you have to spend the TIME building it. And there are so many other things you need to do to get your business up and running. And if you could just hand it over to a professional to take care of it while you work on your business…

Basic website design begins at $2000 and eCommerce website begins at $2500. Click the button to schedule a free discovery call to see what you really need.

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We need to see if we work well together. Don’t ya think?

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