OK, let’s get real. It wasn’t like Amy Porterfield and I were hanging out, just the 2 of us, BFFs. (I wish.)

But I was lucky enough to get to go to a one-day conference that she puts on once a year. And I’m talking lucky!

She is amazing!

Here’s the bummer about this conference. You can only go if you buy Marie Forleo’s B-School Program through Amy Porterfield’s affiliate link. And you can only go that year. You can’t go the next year unless you buy B-School again.

My Weekend with Amy Porterfield - Sad Face

The Sessions

Amy had the day broken up into 3 main sessions. And all of them blew my mind. Not literally, but…you know.

Live Workshop Content Creation Process

Amy, herself, started off with giving us a step-by-step way to create a live workshop and then sell it as a course.

So, instead of spending hours, days, weeks, months, years, etc. creating a course and hoping it sells. She showed us how to get and idea, sell it, and then create it as you go. Then get feedback for making it better.

The beauty of this is that you find out if the idea is going to sell before you ever make it.

But she also showed us what to do each week. How to hire a Content Coordinator without breaking our budget. And exactly what we would do, and what the Content Coordinator would do.

And she gave us a job description for the Content Coordinator so we could find one easier. And a process map for how to do everything. And so much more…

Facebook Ads – Advanced

Then Rick Mulready took the stage to show us Facebook Ads.

Now to be totally honest, this one started going over my head pretty quickly. I haven’t started Facebook Ads yet. And this one was for what to do when your Facebook Ads are already running.

So, I just took a ton of notes and I’m hoping they make sense when I connect them with the slides when I have my ads going. (Yes, we got the slides for all of the presentations.)

Map Out the Phases of Your Promotion

Devin Duncan is Amy Porterfield’s business partner. She refers to him a lot in her podcast. He is also Melanie Duncan’s husband and partner. So, he obviously know what he is doing when it comes to promoting women and their business products.

Devin walked us through everything we would do to promote our launch. From how many days to have the cart open. To what emails to send when and to whom. Facebook ads to cold traffic, warm traffic, etc.


I have pages and pages of notes! My brain is still swimming. In a good way.

My Weekend with Amy Porterfield - The Sessions

Before and After the Sessions

And that is not all. Oh, no! That is not all.

Where Are You Now?

Even before the sessions started, Amy walked us through where we are now in our business. She had us dream about what our wildly successful year in 2018 will look like.

We spent time really building up a vision before we got into all of the sessions and getting the info we needed to help us reach that vision.

Where Are You Going?

After all of the sessions, Amy had us look more closely at our wildly successful year. With all of the info we got from the sessions, it was easier to really get a plan in place for how to make our wildly successful actually happen.

And we had to make a pact to sit with a calendar and sticky notes and actually plan out our year and how we were going to make it work. And promise to get back to Amy in the next 7 days with it.

My Weekend with Amy Porterfield - My Plan for 2017-2018

My Plan for 2017-2018

Take Care of & Listen to Your People

Probably the biggest takeaway I got from the whole event is to take care of your people/tribe/customers… whatever you want to call them.

Creating Connections

Before we even got to the event, Amy sent out a survey to get to know us better. She then had her team go through and match us up for our table assignments.

My Weekend with Amy Porterfield - Lucky Table 13

She wanted to connect people who are in similar fields to create masterminds and support connections. How thoughtful is that? I mean that took a lot of extra work when usually it is just fend for yourself.

And it worked. Loved my tablemates and great connections were definitely made.

My Weekend with Amy Porterfield - My Tablemates

From left to right are Lindsey (www.blogmelovely.com), Charlene (www.hicharlene.com), me, Dayna (http://dayofdesigning.com), and Donna (www.mavrocreative.com).

Gatherings the Day Before, the Evening of & the Morning After

As if the event itself wasn’t enough, Amy planned 3 more gatherings. There was an informal meetup for the B-Schoolers the night before, which unfortunately I had to miss.

(I was so jealous of those inside. I was literally just a few feet outside watching my boys run around on the grass and beach. My husband had to do work at the last minute, which he was not happy about.)

Then the night of the event, she had a special VIP meetup planned. This cost a pretty penny and I am sure it was well worth it for those who went. (Since my schedule was kind of up in there air due to hubby’s work, I didn’t want to spend the money and maybe not be able to go. Plus we had plans with friends who lived in the area. We hadn’t seen them in years.)

I saw pictures from the event and it looked great! I believe Jasmine Starr and James Wedmore were there. In addition to Amy, Rick and Devin. I don’t remember who else. Oh, and the food looked very VIP.

Technically, there were just the 2 gatherings. But since Amy wasn’t able to get to everyone during the Saturday event, she bought us all breakfast the next morning.

My Weekend with Amy Porterfield - Breakfast


She said there would be breakfast at a certain conference room from 8-10am. She wanted to talk to everyone who took the time to come to her conference.

And she did! I didn’t get to talk to her on Saturday. But Sunday morning, I’m sitting there. Eating my eggs and bacon. Talking with more lovely women at breakfast. And Boom! Amy pops up behind me and Donna. “Hey! How’s it goin’?”

And, yes! I totally fangirled. But on the inside. I did my best to look cool. Yet, I HAD to get a picture.

My Weekend with Amy Porterfield

Extras the Day of the Conference

We walked in and found this Guidebook Series at our spots at our tables. Along with pens and paper to take notes.

My Weekend with Amy Porterfield - The Guidebook Series

Do you know how invaluable this is? This Guidebook alone is worth the trip. It contains:

  • 60-Day List Building Execution Plan
  • 60-Day Pre-Sell & Course Creation Plan
  • 60-Day Webinar Execution Plan

What the wha?!?!? Seriously?!?!

They are step-by-step plans for each. Like what to do each week for the 60 days to get your business up and running and making money in 6 months.

And it was free. Just waiting for us.

This! This is how much value she provides. This is how much she wants everyone to succeed. This is why…

Her People Are Loyal & Would Buy Anything

I have heard the term “lifer” used by other online marketers before. But Amy is the first person I have really seen it with my own eyes.

Maybe I’m biased because I definitely feel like an Amy Lifer.

But I have noticed with others, there is a crazy frenzy, but it dies away. It doesn’t seem like a real “lifer.”

Yet, the same people stay with Amy. More people come aboard, but the others stay. And buy all her products, since they fit well in a business building sequence.

AND… we want more. People were asking her to please do more conferences. (She probably won’t because she doesn’t really like being on stage.)

My Weekend with Amy Porterfield - Podcasting

Plus we were brainstorming more courses she could create, just so we could learn more from her. We came up with a podcasting course.

Do you hear that Amy? We want a podcasting course next. We will gladly buy it, since you obviously know what you are doing with it.


I could go on and on, but I’m going to wrap this up since it is already one of the longest posts… evah!

Hope you made it to the end, because Amy has really set the perfect example for how to build and amazing following who love you and will buy ANYTHING from you. Because they know it will be amazing.

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