Do you have videos you want to put out there into the world?

Are you trying to decide if you should upload them to Vimeo or YouTube? Those are the big guys, after all.

Do you need some help making the decision?

OK, let’s work this out together.

Vimeo vs YouTube

Vimeo vs YouTube - YouTube 2


Pros of Using YouTube

#1 – Search – It’s the 2nd largest search engine, after Google. What the Wha?!?!

Yes, it is. If you get your search engine optimization (SEO) all good and stuff with your video, you have a very good chance of getting your video seen just because people are searching for you keywords.

Oh, and did I say that YouTube was the second largest search engine AFTER Google? Well, I think most of us know that Google OWNS YouTube. And Google wants to support its own just like anyone else. Google shows preferential treatment to YouTube videos in its own search. So, if you have your SEO all correct, you will rank not only in YouTube, but you will also rank in Google searches. Oh, yeah! Virtual high fives.

#2 – It’s popular! – While I don’t normally advocate for doing the popular thing, it is to your advantage in this case. Did you know that YouTube has over 1 billion users? And that is billion with a “B.” That’s ⅙ of the population of the world. Yikes! That’s a lot of eyeballs that you have to potential of reaching.

The other good thing about that is that YouTube offers suggestions of other videos to watch. With all of those people watching videos, if your video is similar or compliments another video they are watching, yours might be in the suggested area, leading them to your video.

#3 – Easy to embed or send the video anywhere – YouTube has 3 levels of sharing for your video: Public, Unlisted and Private.

Public is just as it sounds. Anyone can search for and find your video. Yay! Perfect when we are trying to get people to watch our video.

Unlisted is available for anyone to watch, but they HAVE to have the link. The only way to get to the video is through the link. It is NOT available in search. Any kind of search.

And Private is just that. Private. Only the page owner sees it, has access to it, even knows it exists. No search, no link access, no nothing.

All that being said, if your video is set to public, you can grab the embed code and plop it on your website or any place that let’s you embed a YouTube video. (Since YouTube is so popular, most places have a way to embed a YouTube video without much work or coding. Nice.)

A lot of the time, you can just add the link to the video somewhere and a preview will show up. Convenient.

If your video is set to Unlisted, you can still share that link with anyone so they can get to the video.

#4 – Advertising – If you want to make a few extra dollars, you can enable advertising on your videos. (I don’t really recommend this is you are using it for business, though. See “cons” below.)

Vimeo vs YouTube - YouTube 1

Cons of Using YouTube

#1 – It’s popular! – YouTube’s good point is also a bad point. Because so much video content is being uploaded daily, it ain’t all good. There is a lot of junk on there too. And some of that junk may appear in the suggested videos that are around your video. And it might not give the professional image you want.

#2 – Advertising – Here’s why I don’t recommend getting the few dollars you would get from advertising. It’s just a few dollars. Hopefully you have much bigger plans with your videos than a few advertising dollars. I don’t know how you feel, but it bugs me when the ads pop up on the video. AND your competitors can use that ad space to advertise their own stuff and lead people away from your videos.

#3 – People stay on YouTube. – YouTube doesn’t want people leaving YouTube to go to your website. They make it possible, but not likely. YouTube is going to do whatever it can to keep people on YouTube. Bummer!

#4 – Sharable links – One bad thing about the way YouTube does its sharable links is that there isn’t a way to keep you video only viewable to certain people. If your video is set to Unlisted, you can still share that link with anyone so they can get to the video. But be careful. If that link gets shared around, anyone can still get to your video.

Vimeo vs YouTube - Vimeo 1


Now let’s take a look at YouTube’s biggest competitor when it comes to video: Vimeo.

Pros of Using Vimeo

#1 – It’s clean! – I know YouTube wants to keep you on their site, and they do a great job of it. But that also makes it look cluttered. Vimeo’s website is so pretty and clean. When you are watching a video, you aren’t bombarded with… “watch this, watch this, watch this… please, please, please don’t leave.” So if you are using Vimeo for your business, the experience for your viewer is much more calm and inviting. And if you want them to go somewhere or do something (call to action), then they most likely will do it because they won’t be looking at all the shiney objects.

#2 – Make money. – Instead of having the only option for making money be having advertisements all over your videos, Vimeo actually let’s you sell your videos. Your viewers can buy, rent or have a subscription, whichever you choose.

#3 – No ads! – Vimeo does not show ads before, during or after your videos. Ever! It makes it a very nice experience for your user.

#4 – It’s a nicer community. – How many times have you seen rude, snarky comments on YouTube? And that is with the ability to filter comments on YouTube. (Some people don’t though.) Since Vimeo’s community is smaller and more dedicated to making good, informative videos, the comments are usually constructive and nice.

Vimeo vs YouTube - Vimeo 2

Cons of Using Vimeo

#1 – Um, it ain’t YouTube (i.e. Google) – You just don’t get the benefit of Google showing your Vimeo videos in Google search like they would for videos on YouTube.

#2 – Limited uploads – With the free version of Vimeo, you can only upload 500 MB a week. So you would need to pay for the Plus plan or the Pro plan for more.

#3 – Not a lot of traffic – Vimeo just doesn’t have the traffic that YouTube has. You aren’t going to get as many people stumbling upon your content because the people just aren’t there. *sad face*

Vimeo vs YouTube


So……… Which one do you choose? YouTube or Vimeo. Sorry, but I am going to give you the typical answer. Depends. You need to take these pros and cons of each and decide which is best for you plan for you and/or your business. Do you prefer the search traffic, or do you prefer it to look pretty? Do you want to get people back to your website easier or do you want them to watch your videos that YouTube recommends to other viewers? Decisions, decision, decisions.

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