Are your people on Pinterest?

Are YOU on Pinterest?

If you answered “yes,” then the tip I have for you in this post today is very, very important.

Did you know that you can use Pinterest Search Fill-In to find keywords?

Oh yes, you can!

It works pretty much the same as using search fill-in to find keywords (Click here to find out how to use search fill-in to find keywords.), but your answers are going to be a little bit different.

And that is why if your people use Pinterest, it is very important to get your keyword ideas FROM Pinterest.

Check out the video below to see how to use Pinterest Search Fill-In to find keywords. You can read the instructions too. But I suggest watching the video at least once so you can get a good idea of what exactly how it works.

Pinterest is good way that you can get some keyword ideas.

You do have to have a Pinterest account to look at Pinterest. But I’m sure most of us at some point over the last few years, have made an account.

Go to

How to use Pinterest Search Fill-In to find keywords

You go to the top of your page, and just click in the search box. (These are different things that I’ve searched for over time, because it’s on my recent searches.)

We’re going to use our smoothie topic.

Pinterest Fill In - Keyword - Smoothie

1. When I start typing ‘s’, it starts giving me suggestions. Just like using a regular search bar, it starts giving you suggestions for anything that begins with ‘s’.

2. As we type in … Oh, look just under ‘m.’ People look for smoothie recipes a lot on Pinterest.

3. We’re going to keep typing in here. Now we’ve got “s’mores.” “Smoothie bowl.” (I’ve never heard of a smoothie bowl.) And then we’ve go, “smoothie recipes,” “smoothies…”

(Smoothie bowl might be something you want to look into, since it’s showing you that.)

“Smoothie recipes healthy,” “smoothies healthy…”

On Pinterest, you’re going to get some different searches than what you would get in a regular search engine. Because people are going here for certain things. As most of us probably know by now, it is a big place for recipes, etc. Smoothies are going to be a little more popular on Pinterest than in the general search.

Pinterest Search Fill-In to find keywords

Another Way to Get Keywords by Using Pinterest Search Fill-In

We’re just going to type in smoothie and hit ‘enter’ and see what happens.

⇒ The other thing you get from Pinterest is across the top, just under the search bar, you get categories.

⇒ You have total time.

⇒ Under “diet,” you can do things like gluten-free or paleo…

⇒ These are also ideas for your keywords. If you want to make an entire blog of smoothies, you’ve got tons of ideas here for different topics that you can choose from. Banana smoothie, vanilla smoothie, ice smoothie, smoothies with ice, strawberry smoothie, smoothies with strawberries, yogurt, etc.

Pinterest Fill In Top Bar - Keyword - Smoothie

⇒ Based on diet. Gluten-free smoothies. Paleo smoothies. Vegan smoothies. Vegetarian smoothies.

⇒ Total time it make. So, quick smoothies, 15 minute smoothies, half hour smoothies. (I guess you don’t want to promote that it’s going to take that long.)

⇒ You keep going across here, and you have smoothie for weight loss. Healthy smoothies. Smoothie recipes. Smoothies for pregnancy. Pregnancy smoothies. Smoothies for kids. Smoothie bowl. Smoothie breakfast. You have all these other suggestions.

Pinterest is a great place to look for even more suggestions. Because it just kind of hands them to you on a silver platter, very easily. In these pretty colors here.

If your customer, your client, your ideal avatar does a lot on Pinterest, and pins a lot of stuff, you’re really going to want to use Pinterest Search Fill-In.

Basically, Pinterest is saying, “This is what your ideal avatar is looking for.”

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