Today’s episode is all about Google Keep and the Notes app that comes with IOS.

Now the reason I’m going over both of these and comparing them is because I’m actually trying to decide which one I want to use.

There are lots of other notes apps out there. One of the big ones is Evernote. So if you’re already using something like Evernote, this probably isn’t even worth it for you.

But the reason I’m going over Google Keep and Notes app is because these are both free. They’re both basic but they both do a lot.

I know Evernote has a free version. I’ve never really gotten into Evernote. I’ve kind of gotten option paralysis, so I think I would need to take a full on course on how to use Evernote. I’ve tried using it but then I just like… ooh… I totally get overwhelmed. I just want something basic for keeping notes on.

I’ve been trying to use Google Keep, but I’m so used to using the Notes app that it’s automatic for me to use the Notes app. I’m trying to use Google Keep to see if I actually like it better.

But let’s just go over what the functions are of each one. And then we’ll go over and see which one probably would work better for you.

Both of them you can take notes. Both of them sync up.

As you listen to the podcast, you will hear what the differences are and how they are similar. As well as the pros and cons of each.

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