Are you looking to build a website for your business but just feel overwhelmed by all the “technology” you feel you need to learn for WordPress?

Are you tempted to use one of those website builders like Wix or Weebly? Well, hold up there.

If you are looking for a website builder that is easy to use but still gives you what you need to run a successful business, try taking a look at Squarespace.

Squarespace is the only website builder I recommend, and if you check out the video below, I go into why it is the best choice for you and your business.

Best DIY Website Builder - Squarespace

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Hello, thank you for watching. Today I’m going to go over the third part in my “Best Way to DIY Your Own Website” series. Today we’re going to talk about Squarespace. In the previous two videos we talked WordPress, and versus If you want to check out those two videos, you can find them here and here. Today, we’re going to talk about Squarespace, so let me introduce myself, and then we will get into it.

My name is Tia Hain, also known as Creator Tia. My business is Clever Creators. I empower entrepreneurs to easily and painlessly DIY and conquer their online business technology and website so they can go from overwhelmed to overjoyed. I am your personal tech support, so I am here to help guide you along on your online business journey so you can understand all that technology stuff. You come to me, I can find a way to explain it to you so it’s easy to understand.

Today, we’re going to talk about Squarespace. Now, Squarespace is really good if you want to build your own website, if you don’t want to hire it out, but you don’t want to learn a lot about technology. WordPress is great. It does offer a lot more flexibility, and I do highly recommend that if you’re not that intimidated by technology and not too worried about the learning curve. Once you learn it, it’s actually pretty easy. You don’t even have to worry too much about coding, because there are a ton of great themes and plugins that you can use once you learn how to do that part. You don’t have to worry about learning html and CSS and all that other stuff. WordPress I do recommend for that, but, if you want it even less technology-y, I would go for Squarespace.

Squarespace is what we call WYSIWYG, which is “what you see is what you get.” As you’re designing it, you’re actually seeing on the screen, and I’ll show you in just a minute, you’re just moving actual things around so you get it to look exactly how you want it to look as opposed to going on one side of it, telling it what you want, and then having to go look at the side where the website that’s visible to everybody else and see if that’s how it looks, and then go back to the other side and fix it, etc. That’s how WordPress works. Like I said, once you get to know it, it’s not that hard, but, if you don’t want to start off there, I would go ahead and recommend Squarespace.

Squarespace is going to be more expensive. If you want the absolute basic, it starts off at $12 a month if you buy a year in advance. If you’re just buying month to month, then it’s $16 a month. With that, you get twenty pages which includes any page you have, any blog page you have, and any gallery you have. My latest website I tried to do on Squarespace because I wanted to see how it worked, and I’m just about to hit my twenty pages. I’m going to have to go up or move it over to WordPress. I do like Squarespace, I like them both a lot for different reasons, but it’s going to get more expensive the further up I go whereas WordPress the only thing you’re going to be paying for is extra hosting if you need more bandwidth.

Like I said, it starts off at $12 a month if you pay for the full year in advance. If you want to move up to unlimited pages, you’re going to be looking at $18 a month if you pay for a year in advance. If you’re only paying month to month, it’s going to be $26 a month. You do have the capability to add e-commerce onto that if you want to sell things on your store, but then you do have a fee for things that you sell. If you have a lot that you want to sell, you might want to move up to an actual e-commerce business page or an online store page. That is $26 a month, and that’s if you pay a year in advance, or $30 per month. Then it moves up to $40 a month if you pay for a year in advance, or $46 dollars a month. Depending on how much you want to sell.

I’m going to turn the screen around, and we’re going to take a look at my Squarespace site. This, right here, is my Squarespace site. That’s kind of what my site actually looks like when you’re looking at my website. Now, if I can back you up far enough in the screen. You can see here I’m actually on the back end. This is where I’m designing the whole thing, but that it is also what my website will look like if you go to my website. You just won’t see these things down here like where it says “page, banners, settings”, because that’s for me to actually design things on my site.

This is what my homepage looks like. Now, let’s say I want to go ahead and edit something in here. I just click this “edit” button right there, and that puts my in an edit mode. See, it still looks pretty much the same. This happens to be code that I actually put in here, so that’s why it has this strange thing up here, but let’s say I wanted to add something in here.

You see how these little sideways teardrops are popping up? That one’s going to put something that goes all the way across. This one right here. There we go. That one’s going to put something that just goes half way. See how that dark bar goes half way? Then, when you’re hovering over that, you just click it, and then it gives you a list of things that you can add on to it. Here I could add a piece of text. A markdown. Here’s a quote. I can add an image. There are the basic things that people want to put on there. Embed something. You can add audio or video straight onto your Squarespace site.

That is pretty much how you would do it. Then I would just click something like an image. Then I just add the image here, and I put all the stuff in here, and then the image will pop up. I’m going to hit cancel, because I don’t really want to put an image there. Then, I’m going to hit this trash can because I don’t want it. It says, “Yes, delete it.” I want to keep my site. Then, when you’re done, you just click the save button up there or you could click cancel if it doesn’t do anything that you want it to do.

That’s it. That’s pretty much how easy it is to work with Squarespace. That’s pretty much it. It’s pretty easy to use. Shoot, there was one other thing I wanted to tell you, and it just went out of my head. That’s so funny. Well, you know what? If it comes back to me, I’ll just put it in a comment down below.

Hopefully that was helpful for you. You can see how easy it is to use the Squarespace site if you want to design your own website. You just move things around. Pretty easy to do, and it shows you exactly what you’re doing as opposed to WordPress. Like I said before, if you want to go check out my previous videos to learn about WordPress or the difference between and, please do check those out.

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