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This is the third in the How To Build Your Own Website series. We went over WordPress.org. We went over WordPress.com. And today we are going over Squarespace.

I have actually used all three at different times in my life. I’m getting tempted to go back to Squarespace. I already built my whole website, my current one, on WordPress.org. Because I’m so picky and I’ve been doing this so long, building websites for people, I have a hard time handing it off to someone else.

Right now, I’m just trying to focus on the content for this podcast, and helping people organize their business systems and their technology and stuff. So I don’t wanna get bogged down by redoing my website.

But I actually really love Squarespace and the idea of Squarespace. In my opinion, if you are just getting started… You haven’t used WordPress.org before. You aren’t used to that kind of system. And you’re not a super techy person. Like you really do not like the idea of digging into the CSS and possibly HTML and everything of your website to make it exactly how you want it… I would suggest to really give Squarespace a shot.

This might be kind of a long episode. There’s a lot to go over. I’m gonna try and dig into it as much as possible. So if you go over these three episodes, you can really get an idea, and probably figure out which one you wanna go with.

Squarespace is a really good one to use if you don’t wanna hire it out. You just don’t have the funds to have someone else build your website, but you don’t really wanna learn a whole lot about technology.

I’m going to break down Squarespace here into a bunch of different sections so we can just go over one section at a time to see how it works.

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