Do you want someone to steal your website? I’m guessing the answer is no.

I wasn’t too happy when someone stole mine. It sucked. It still sucks. I’m working on getting it back. Luckily it’s an old website. Not my current one.

It was kinda my own fault. I preach using difficult passwords and not reusing the same password… anywhere.

But I wasn’t always so preachy. And I used to use much easier passwords. (hides face in shame) And I used the same passwords… all over the place.

When I saw the light, I forgot to go back and change the password on my very first website because I wasn’t really using it anymore. I can make mistakes just like anyone else. (still hiding face in shame)

Well… the next 3 podcast episodes are your chance to learn from my mistakes. Please listen.

Today’s episode is about how you can use crazy, super-difficult passwords with ease. Use something different everywhere (including your own website login) without having to memorize 300+ passwords.

Could you do that? I couldn’t.

Just memorize 1. Yep, just 1.

In this episode I’m going over 2 different services you can use to store your passwords and have them available when you need them.

Keep those hackers out of your website and keep it secure.


If you struggle trying to find the right technology to use for your business without spending a fortune, you are not alone. ⁣

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