Do you find yourself completely overwhelmed with all the “things” you need to take care of?

Are you juggling so many things when it comes to business, home, kids, schedules, etc. I’m right there with you. (raises hand)

You need a system to get all that other stuff planned and out of your head so you can get your business stuff done, too.

If I didn’t have this system, I would have absolutely no time for my business. But with this system, I am able to create 10 podcast episodes (and all the stuff that goes with it) every month.

In this podcast episode, I am sharing my system with you.

Hopefully you can take these tips and adapt them to your life. Have them work for you. Get all those “things” out of your head and scheduled so you can create all the amazing things you want to create in your business.

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If this sounds like a system you would like to use for yourself, I have created a step-by-step checklist of exactly what I do. Exactly what I went over in this podcast episode. A sort-of recipe.

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