Organizing Her Business Systems and Technology has been in development for years. I just didn’t realize it. Everything I have been doing up to this point: learning about technology and how to apply it in a business. Learning how to organize technology and all the other stuff… It’s all led me to this point with this podcast.

In the second episode of Organizing Her Business Systems and Technology podcast, you will learn:


Who is Tia Hain?

I love organizing. And I love technology. Kind of a weirdo that way but that’s okay I accept it. I also love helping women business owners organize their business and the technology they need to use in their business. And I also like helping people figure out the technology they need for their business because sometimes they end up having a bunch of stuff that they don’t really even need. And they’re paying for it. And well that just kind of sucks but that’s basically who I am. And why I started this podcast.

Now, let me tell you a little bit about me. And why I do love organizing. And why I love technology…


But, why do I love organizing. And why do I love technology?

Well, you can blame my parents for that. My mom was and is an organizing freak. She’s a little bit less crazy about it now, but growing up everything always had a place. And they need to go back to that place. My mom’s not nearly as bad now, but that’s definitely where I got my organizing gene from.

Now where did I get this tech thing from? Why do I love tech so much? Well I got that from my dad.

My dad was always just like, this technology wizard. He just got it. He went back to college after my parents got divorced. And he took one computer class. And then ended up teaching himself how to write code back in the 80s.

And then also how to set up different hardware systems. And then he started his own business where he set up complete systems for some of the more major players in town.

So basically I just got that technology bug from my dad. I was always been around it, so I’ve never been afraid of it. Kind of, I guess, like kids are nowadays…


Why am I doing this show?

The people I wanna reach are here.

I’ve tried different areas. A lot of people are on Facebook but let’s get real, it is really hard to reach people on Facebook anymore.

When I first had my Facebook pages, really super easy. My first blog I think I had like 5,000 likes on my Facebook page pretty quickly. But that was because people could find me. People were looking for me. So it was really easy to do.But you just can’t get there like that anymore on Facebook.

A lot of the women I work with are Gen X women. I am a Gen X-er. And a lot of Gen X women actually listen to podcasts.

It’s kind of funny. I was looking at the top podcasts. I’m like, oh that’s interesting, it’s a lot of women talking to other women on these podcasts that are at the top.

So my people are here. That’s why I wanted to start a podcast…

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