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Today’s podcast Tech Tip Tuesday is about How to Not Lose Everything on Your Computer If It Crashes.

It is NOT about how to recover all the stuff from your computer if it has already crashed.

You are going to learn 2 tech things you can use on a regular basis to make sure that if something happens to your computer in the future… your stuff is safe.

And once you learn about these tech thing, it really doesn’t take any extra time to use them.

But it will save you a ton of time and headaches if you computer crashes in the future.

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If you listened to the episode and like the idea of using Dropbox to sync your files… but are a little confused as to how to use it correctly… grab this free tutorial.

In this tutorial I show you exactly how to use selective sync with Dropbox, whether you have a Mac or a Windows system.

Click here for your free Dropbox Selective Sync tutorial.

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