If you have been listening to the podcast lately, you will know by now that you should be creating content for your audience. Freebies and lead magnets, as well as consistent content.

And you probably keep telling yourself, “Yes, I KNOW I should be creating consistent content for my audience. But every week rolls around, and I am so busy with all the other things in my business that trying to come up with a topic to write about (or video or audio) is KILLING me. HELP!!!!”

OK, ok… I hear you. And I HAVE come up with a way to help.

Content Calendar.

This episode goes over the step by step strategy to create a 2-3 month content calendar so you know exactly what consistent content you are creating each week.

No more guessing. No more staring at a blank page at 2am. You are going to be prepared and ready. All ahead of time.

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Does the term SEO make you want to scream? You know you need to have each page and blog post SEO’d. But you have no idea what to do to make that happen. Or you know what to do. But you can never remember everything that you’re supposed to do when you are creating each post because there’s a lot to do.

Well, worry no more. Download and print out this free blog post SEO Checklist every time you create a blog post. Then just go through the checklist and tick off each box.

It will take you through step by step of each thing you need to do to make sure it is SEO’d correctly. If all the boxes are checked, you know you have SEO’d blog post completely. Ta-dah! All done.

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