What is the most important thing about your blog or website?

Website Security. Without it, you don’t have anything else. You won’t have your blog, so nothing else to worry about.

Do you have worries about someone hacking into your website and taking it over? I sure do.

After reading articles about it happening like this from Ramshackle Glam and this from The Hungry Mouse, I got a little panicky.

Like so many horrible things in life, we never think it is going to happen to us. Until, it does. Just ask The Hungry Mouse and Ramshackle Glam.

Why Would Someone Steal Your Blog?

You might think that no one would steal your blog because:

  • You’re just a small food blog not a huge company that can dish out millions of dollars.
  • You don’t have a HUGE readership.
  • You only make a little bit off of ads.
  • You are more worried about stolen recipes and photos. (I hear you there. It happens way more and sucks a lot.)

But here is why they would, could and will steal your blog.

  • They can place their own ads on it to make money. Pennies is still money, and they don’t care.
  • They can sell it to the highest bidder, like what someone tried to do to Ramshackle Glam.
  • Many other nefarious reasons that I don’t want to get into because I have small children, you know what I mean.

Don’t let someone steal your blog!

So, while there are many things that you can, could and should do (and I will be posting about those things in the future.), there is one particular plugin that I have found to be extremely helpful and comforting. And one thing I do with that plugin I have found helpful and comforting.

The plugin is Wordfence. You can use a free version, or you can get the paid version.

***I should mention that this plugin is for WordPress sites. I have used WordPress sites in the past, so I know a lot about WordPress sites. This is my first Squarespace site. But even if you don’t use WordPress on your site, this information is important so do a search for a good way to secure your site. (Or talk to your tech person about it.)***

While the premium version isn’t too expensive and gives some great benefits, I use the free version. It works great for me.

You can click here to take a look at their site and see what the offer. If you scroll about halfway down the page, you can see the compare boxes between the free version and the paid version. (Not an affiliate link)

And if you are wanting to install it on your WordPress site, click here to go to the WordPress plugin page. (Not an affiliate link)

Some great benefits of the Wordfence plugin

As you can see by the screenshots below, I get emails every time someone tries or does login to my site. So I know when someone is trying to poke around.

Don't let someone steal your blog 1

Someone TRYING to login.

Don't let someone steal your blog 2

ME logging in.

And, to go back to the question above about why would someone want to steal your blog. This blog is newer and doesn’t have the biggest readership. But I still get people trying to hack in. UGH!

Which brings me to another point…

Don’t use something obvious for your login name!

You see over and over about using a crazy nonsense password, which you should totally do. Please, please, please use a nonsense password. You can even go to password generators to get one if you don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself. But. But, but, but…

Also use a nonsense name.


Because as you can see in the other screenshot of someone trying to login to my site (over and over again) they use tiaskitchen. They have computers that generate what they think will be logical names for people to have as a sign-in.

(For the longest time, they kept trying to use admin. Yeah, I changed that as soon as I put the site up. NEVER use admin as your login name. It’s always the first one hacker computers go for.)

“But then my name in comments and author will be a nonsense name.”

Nope. It doesn’t have to be. You can always have a nickname in wordpress and go by that nickname for author and comments. That’s what I do.

Don't let someone steal your blog 3

I have blacked out my login name in the screenshots because it would defeat the purpose of having it if I just put it out there, I have a complete nonsense name.

So that is my rant about login names and the Wordfence plugin.

Please take this seriously. It can happen to you and your blog. And I don’t want it to.

While using Wordfence does not guarantee that your blog will never ever be hacked, it is a great preventative measure.

PS – As a bonus that is related to keeping your blog secure, Wordfence let’s you know whenever you have a plugin that needs to be updated. Head the warnings and update those plugins as they need it. Hackers can get in through there, too.

And, yes. I updated the two plugins right after I took this screenshot.

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