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Do you create videos or do you want to create videos for anything?

If you do, one of the things that is very helpful is to have captions on those videos. But it can be a pain in the butt to do it yourself.

Or you can use this amazing software I found to do it for you, in almost the blink of an eye.

Do you have an audio that you want to make into a video with an image and those cool waveforms going on top? This software can add those awesome looking waveforms on your video, too.

It is so simple to use this software. Take a listen to the episode to find out all about it.

Oh yeah, it’s free to use, too.

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Now that you have heard about how awesome Headliner is, I am sure you are dying to use.

But you might be a bit overwhelmed at the idea of learning a new software.

You can download this tutorial I made of how to use Audiogram from beginning to end.

That’s the one where you can add captions, too. And once you see it in action, the other applications of Headliner will be that much easier.

Just click here to get your Headliner Audiogram Tutorial.


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