I have a confession to make. I’m a course junky. But I think I have figured out why. And hopefully that will help me work through this. Tell me if this sounds familiar.

You buy an online course with the hope and promise of what it will deliver. You instantly get to work: watch the videos, do the worksheets, etc.

Then about ⅓-½ way through, something comes up. Whether it be a family matter, something with work, or another course about something else you want to learn for your business. (There is always a webinar or email series coming at us, it seems.)

Does it sound familiar?

The hope and promise of the dream

Losing the Hope and Promise of the Dream

I couldn’t figure out why I would start so well but never finish. (Seriously! I have, like, 6-8 courses I have started but haven’t finished.) Well, I think I figured out why.

If I finished, I would lose that hope and promise. Either I would accomplish what I “wanted” to accomplish and then get a whole new set of problems that I DON’T know, as opposed to the set of problems I already know.

Or I wouldn’t accomplish what I “wanted” to accomplish and be disappointed and shame myself.

But if I didn’t FINISH the course, the hope and promise would still be there. The dream would still be alive. If I finish, it’s no longer a dream. It’s a “thing” I did.

Don't lose the hope and promise of the dream.

But You Don’t REALLY Lose the Hope and Promise

The funny thing is that when I DO accomplish something, I am elated and so proud of what I did. (Just ask my husband. I will toot my own horn for days.) Yes, I get a whole new set of problems to figure out, but I am happy to work on them when I get there.

But for some reason, my brain wants to have that hope and promise of the dream. ‘If I just finish this course, “it” will be perfect.’

So what about you? Are you a course junky, like me? Do you finish? If you don’t, is it because of the hope and promise of the dream?

By the way, I totally do this with books, too. I have an insane amount of books that I probably couldn’t finish in my lifetime, even if I stopped buying books right now. Which ain’t gonna happen. I also love the hope and promise of the dream of books. Just sayin’.

So, here’s to finishing courses!

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