So you wanna build a website and you don’t know where to start? You want (need because you are a little tight on funds) to do it yourself. But you hear so many conflicting stories about which website builder to choose (WordPress?, Squarespace?, Wix?) and how hard or easy each one is.

Have no fear. I’m going to break this all down for you.

In this series of posts over the next few weeks, we are going to go over the best website builders to choose, depending on your needs and technology comfort level. By the end, you are going to know exactly which one to choose and how to get started with it.

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Ready? Let’s get going with the first one…


Full Transcript of Video

Hi there, thanks for watching. My name is Tia. Today I am going to do a video, the first in a series, on the best DIY website builders for when you are starting your business on a budget. Today we are going to get over getting going on WordPress. My introduction is, “My name is Tia Hain, my business is Clever Creators. I’m also known as Creator Tia, and I empower entrepreneurs to DIY and conquer their online business technology and website so they can go from overwhelmed to overjoyed.”

Thank you for joining me today.

I decided to do this series on the best DIY website builders because a lot of people, when they’re first starting a business, are on a budget. They need something that is free or almost free to get the things going.

One of the best website builders is WordPress. There are a few that I’m going to go over as the week goes on and probably into next week too, but today we’re going to go over WordPress.

I’m going to talk about is

Later, I’ll tell you about the difference between and and why you’re going to prefer

WordPress is one of the better ones to use. This is the one you have more control over, but this is also one that you have to not be afraid of technology and realize that you’re going to get your hands a little dirty as far learning technology. It’s not going to be what they call a WYSIWYG. A what-you-see-is-what-you-get when you go to design it. You have to be open to learning technology.

I’m just going to go over a few things that you want to do. We’re going to turn the screen around just to show you what I’m talking about. There we go.

Okay, so this is There are two great hosting services that I recommend, one of them is SiteGround. The reason why I like these two services is because they are very reasonably priced, in fact SiteGround right now has a special going on. Every once and a while they have this special where you can get it for, as you can see there, $3.95 a month, which is an awesome price. One of the things I like about it is they have one-click set up for WordPress, so when you get your hosting services through SiteGround…

When you get it through them they say, “Do you want to set up your WordPress site?” You click yes, and you click the button, and then poof, it sets it all up for you. Voila, your WordPress site is set up.

If you have purchased a URL somewhere else you will have to deal with some stuff with the transferring of your URL but they do walk you through it, so your URL points to your new website. If you have not purchased it you can also purchase your URL through them, which is your dedicated website name, and if you do that then you don’t even have to worry about having to do all that transfer stuff. You just do the one click thing and you’re all set up, you don’t have to worry about all that technology stuff. Another one that does that is a website called Bluehost. They are actually one of the first ones that started doing this, they also have, oh, web hosting flash sale. Looks like they have one for $2.95 a month. I do believe with Bluehost, to get that deal you have to sign up for a full three years.

Oh, but you’ve got to sign up fast. It looks like the sale only goes for 11 hours and 46 minutes. Up here at the very top it tells you that, but you do have to sign up for a full three years. My guess is that if you are in business that it is worth it. I mean it doesn’t end up adding up to very much, that’s $3.00 a month. You just have to say that you’re going to be with them for three years. We’ll turn you back. Yes, they do have great packages, that’s why I like those two. They’re easy to set up and very good prices. $3.95 or $2.95 a month, that’s pretty much worth it. Most other places you’re going to get you’re looking at $10.00 or more a month, and they take care of everything for you.

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