Do you want to build a website for your business? Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the “technology” you feel you need to learn for WordPress?

Are you thinking of using one of those website builders like Squarespace, Wix or Weebly? (Check out this post here for all about Squarespace and why it is a good choice.)

As for Wix, it has some issues that make it not necessarily the best choice. I go into detail in the video and transcript below. But here is a quick snapshot of the “issues.”

  1. Wix adds extra characters at the end of URLs. (Wix has updated their site to no longer do this.)
  2. You cannot change your theme with Wix.
  3. You cannot export with Wix.
  4. Wix is more expensive than you think.
  5. Wix is not AMP compatible.

Best DIY Website Builder - Wix website

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Full Transcript of Video

Hi there. Thanks for watching. My name is Tia Hain, also known as Creator Tia, and today I’m going to go over the 4th part in The Best DIY Website Builder series. If you would like to check out any of the first 3 parts, you can just go to the previous blog posts. The first one was all about WordPress, getting started with WordPress. The second one was the difference between and, and the third one was about Squarespace, but today we are going to talk all about Wix, whether or not you want to use Wix to build your website. Let me get my introduction started and then we will go ahead and get into the information.

Like I said, my name is Tia Hain, also known as Creator Tia. My business is Clever Creators. I help entrepreneurs easily and painlessly DIY and conquer their websites and online business technology so they can go from overwhelmed to overjoyed, and I am your personal tech support. I’m here to help you through all of it. I love technology, and I love helping people out with it and being the translator.

Today we are going to talk about Wix. Wix is a content management system. That’s the term used in the tech world for things such as WordPress and Squarespace. It’s basically a place where you hold your content that you want to put on your webpage out there to the world, so they call it a content management system. Makes sense. Some people just call it “the website builder,” just how to DIY your own website.

Wix is another one that you can use, kind of like Squarespace, where you go in and they take care of all the hosting, and all that stuff for you. You just build your website. You pay them so much money per month. They put it out there to the world. It’s also based on what is called the WYSIWYG system. It’s What You See Is What You Get, so as you’re designing it, you’re looking at basically what your webpage looks like to the outside world, which is a little different than WordPress. I go on and explain that in the first video. You can go ahead and check that out if you want to.

Another one that a lot of people use is called Wix. It’s W-I-X. Just go to I actually am currently using it to build a specific webpage. It happens to be for my son’s PTA. The reason I used it was because I wanted to be able to hand it off easily to somebody else who may not be as technology savvy. Maybe they don’t build websites for a living, so I wanted something that was easy for them to use. For the PTA, it’s not that big of a deal, because as far as search engines go, they’re going to be typing in the name of the school and “PTA”, and we already come up at the top, so I’m not too worried about that.

If you were looking to actually start a business, and you need to get found in search engines, you want to get found on mobile search, and you want to not spend too much money to get what you want, Wix is not the way to go. Let me tell you why.

How to SEO Your Images - Number 1

First reason: when they have what’s called the URL, which is the name of your website. Let’s say, mine for example, is Clever Creators, so if you go to, that’s the URL for my website. That’s its specific address. If you want to go to a specific page, it would be That’s my Work With Me page. You can go to that and check it out and see if you want to actually work with me.

What Wix does is whenever you have a page, they add a series of characters after whatever you have as your URL. The problem is this does affect your search engine optimization, your SEO. When Google is trying to see what that particular page is about, it goes by whatever keyword you’re choosing, the word that you’re using the most for that page.

I did a post on AMP, which is Accelerated Mobile Pages. If you feel like checking it out, go ahead. You could just go to my website. It’s the last one I did. I need that to come up in searches for Accelerated Mobile Pages, or AMP, when people are looking for that specifically because they want to know how to use that technology. Well, if my URL is, then Google is going to see that QRX?#532 as part of what my web page is about. That’s not going to make any sense. They’re going to try and categorize that, and nobody’s searching for QRX?#532. Nobody’s searching for that, so that messes up your search engine optimization, and that messes up your chance to get found in search if you aren’t already a known entity.

It only chooses about 5 or 6 characters for pages, but if you have an actual post, like a blog post, where you’re putting up most of your content, and new things are coming out, and you need to get found for a search engine optimization for that, that thing is like 10-20 characters long, so it’s totally messing up your search engine optimization, and there’s no way you can get rid of it. They say that they have it there so they can tell all the webpages from other webpages, but it doesn’t logically make sense to me, because if you’re using your own URL, that’s already differentiating it. You can’t use 2 URLs for the same thing. It would go to the wrong thing. It wouldn’t be able to resolve. That’s the number one reason why I do not recommend that you use Wix.

UPDATE: Wix has stopped adding extra characters at the end of page and post URLs.

The Customer Is NOT Always Right - main image

The second reason why I’d recommend you do not use Wix is, if you ever decide that you want to either change your theme, you want to change what it looks like because over time, different designs become more popular. There’s new technology, new ways to do things.

It used to be that you had tons of flash and crazy things going on all over your website, and it was tons of stuff on it. That’s what people did, and then we learned that’s not what people want, so now everything’s clean, and you just have what you want, the call to action of what you want your people to do. Things change over time.

In Wix, you can’t change your theme and put all your stuff with it. You have to build an entirely new website, and copy and paste everything over.

Best DIY Website Builder - Wix Export

The other thing is it doesn’t have that export capability. Let’s say you decided you wanted to change to WordPress down the line, or to Squarespace. You can’t export anything. All you can do is copy and paste. You’d be going through every single page you’ve ever done, highlighting all the text, pasting it over, hoping you still have those images on your computer, putting those images over. It would take hours, and hours, and hours, more like days, and possibly months, depending on how big your site is. It’s a lot of work to do. You do not have that capability right now in Wix.

Best DIY Website Builder - Wix Expensive

The other thing, the fourth reason why I’m not too thrilled with Wix as a website platform is it’s actually more expensive than you think. If you get the very basic one, you could do a free one if you want. It has their ads all over it. It’s what’s called a sub-domain, so it would be like, Once again, the URL will not resolve very well, and it doesn’t look that professional to have

Let’s say you want to step up to the very basic level, where you’re still going to get ads, and you’re paying $5 a month. All you get is 1 gigabyte of bandwidth, which isn’t very much, and you only have 5 megabytes of storage. Let’s say you want to put up more than just a few pictures, or you want to put up a video, you don’t have that storage capability. It’s not enough.

You have to go up to their combo, which is $10 a month. That, you at least get the ads removed. You do have your specific domain, so that looks a little better. You do get one for free. You’re only up to 3 gigabytes of storage and 2 gigabytes of bandwidth, which is a little better, but if you really want to use it as a business, you’re going to have to move up to the unlimited, which is $14 a month. If you want to have a store on there, their eCommerce starts at $17 a month.

That doesn’t sound too bad, but most of their add-ons that you can do, their free ones, they’re not very good, so you’re going to have to get their paid ad-ons. Even a good calendar, for example, if you want to use something that’s a little bit nicer, you’re looking at at least $4 to $5 a month.

You’ve got your $14 website that you’re already paying per month, not you’re adding another $5 a month just for a calendar that works somewhat decently, and you get to put up more than one event in your calendar.

Let’s say you wanted to add a couple of other things, well you’re looking at another $5, $5, $3 here. Now, all of a sudden, you’re looking at $30, $40 a month for a website that’s “okay.” That is another reason why I do not recommend Wix.

Why should you care_

The last reason, number 5, is- and I brought this up earlier when I was talking about AMP. They do not have the capability to do AMP right now. That’s called Accelerated Mobile Pages. If you want to get completely in depth, you can go to my blog post about AMP and why you want it for your website. I talk all about it.

Or you can even sign up for my freebie that I have in the description here. That will be the second e-mail that you get from me, after explaining all about what AMP is.

What it is, is Google, right now, is working on a project where they want the user experience to be better for people that are on things like their phone or their mobile device. They want all that extra stuff stripped out. It uses a technology called Accelerated Mobile Pages.

When you go to a website on your phone, and it pops it up right away, people like the experience better. People are more likely to stay on that website because it takes out all that extra stuff. All you’re going to see is images and the text, which is great, but the capability to do that, right now, is only available for a very few content management systems, like we explained before.

It’s only available on WordPress, if you have a plug-in. That’s, not

It is now currently available on Squarespace. Squarespace just added it. It’s so easy. You just go into this one little section of it. In fact, I tell you how to set up AMP for Squarespace in the AMP blog post.

My Clever Creators website is built on Squarespace, so if anybody is on mobile and they go to look at one of my blog posts, it takes care of stripping all that extra stuff out, and my page pops up like that. People will more likely stay on it. People will be more likely to come back to my website because of that.

The other thing is Google, as well as all the other big search engines, are showing preference to websites that use AMP. If you go on a mobile search- and right now it’s if you’re searching for anything big like, say, politics or recipes, if you see those pictures there, you’ll notice right under that, there’s a little grayed out spot that says, “A-M-P,” and that means that website is powered by AMP, and Google is showing preference to those websites.

If you want to run a business and be found on mobile search, you need to get AMP, and it’s not available on Wix.

I’ll be doing more tutorials on my Facebook page, here, all about AMP and how you want to get that on your Squarespace, as well as on your WordPress. I’ll show you how to do that in the future. Go ahead and make sure that you’ve liked the page so you can catch all my videos coming up.

This is the end of this video, here, for all about why you probably don’t want to use Wix for your business. It’s probably not the best idea. I do recommend that you either go with or you go with Squarespace.

Go ahead and share this out too. If you know anybody else that has a business going, is trying to get their website going, or could use that freebie, go ahead and share this out. I would really appreciate it. I hope you all have a wonderful day, a wonderful weekend, and I will see you guys next week. Bye.

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