Do you love to get on Facebook Live?

Are you looking for more content for you social media channels?

What if I told you that you could take those  FB live streams and turn them into more content for your other social media channels so you can get your message out there to more people. AND you can get more business coming your way. Yes you can. And here are 5 ways.

5 Ways to Leverage Live Streams to Get More Content

#1 – The first way that I have is touted by a lot of the gurus out there. Pull quotes from what you’ve said in your live stream, because these are your words that you’re speaking, and use graphics with the quotes for places like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. You just pull a quote that you’ve said. You put it on a graphic. On just a nice basic solid color. Or you can put it on a really nice picture that goes along with that. You can repurpose that graphic out there to all those other different channels and as well as put a link back in to wherever you want them to go, your website or wherever you might have more information.

#2 – The second way to repurpose it is on Instagram. Instagram does video now. You can edit your video straight from the Instagram app. When you save your live stream to your phone, you can go into the Instagram app, choose that video, and it will let you edit the video in a 3 to 60 second clip. You’re only allowed 3 to 60 seconds on Instagram. You can choose a great part that was within that time frame, and you can go ahead and edit it right within the app there and choose the cover. You can even choose a filter if you want to, and then go ahead and upload that to Instagram.

#3 – The third way is to repurpose it to post the video either YouTube or Vimeo. Those are the two big ones for videos.

#4 – Once you’ve done that, you can also put that video that you’ve put up to YouTube or Vimeo within your website or on your blog, just like I did in this post. If you want to get really fancy, you can transcribe your video and upload that to your blog post, too. Go to It cost a dollar a minute. You send them your video. They will transcribe everything for you. Perhaps your readers don’t necessarily want to watch the video. They can read the transcription of all the words that you just said. It also makes it an easier way to pull out those quotes like in step number one.

#5 – Last but not least, let’s say once you have your post up, you don’t want to post everything in the post. You’re posting, “Hey, I have 3 different ways that you can use coconut oil to get better health. If you click my freebie that’s halfway down this post, you can get my 5 favorite recipes for using coconut oil.” That way you’re also getting people onto your email list.

Those were the 5 ways that I showed you that you can repurpose your live streaming content. Hopefully, you will take advantage of those ways and help you create more content, so that way you’re not having to come up with something new all the time for all your different channels.

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