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I’ve got two resolutions for you. They’re easy tech things that you can do to help you save some time. One is for your computer and one is for your phone.

The first one for your computer is how to turn off your Facebook newsfeed. Unfortunately there isn’t a way to do this on your phone yet, so that can still suck up your time.

If you find yourself going to Facebook and just getting sucked into that newsfeed. And all of a sudden it’s like an hour or two later. You go to do one thing… or look in a group… or just do some business stuff. And that newsfeed just sucks you in and you don’t even like it.

They tease you at first by posting a picture of a friend’s kid. And it’s cute. And the baby. And awesome things that you want to just like and support.

Then all of a sudden you get into all the political stuff. And you just wanna scream and rip your hair out. And you’re not even happy at the end of it. Then you realize that you’ve wasted like two hours reading all this stuff.

Well, I can tell you how to turn off that newsfeed so you don’t have to worry about it. You can go to Facebook. Do your group stuff. Do your business stuff. And then just get off of it. Because there’s no newsfeed to suck you in.


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